Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thunder Bay

 So summer, me and blogging don't seem to really mix. In my defense I haven't spent any time in doors, and I definitely haven't been coming up with great outfits. But I have been having a lovely summer, and I just got home from Thunder Bay, which is where I grew up. Thunder Bay is on one of the biggest lakes in the world, Lake superior, and even though it can get brutal cold there in the winter, the summers are breezy, fresh, and just plain old gorgeous. Here are some photographs of Silver Islet which is definitely my favourite place around the area. It is a small mining town from the 19th century with the original general store, many of the same old mining homes, and it's on Lake Superior.
I'm wearing: 
H&M pants
zarah shoes
thrifted sweater
and a blouse made by myself from a 1980s pattern. I'm really excited about this pattern and think I'll make it into a dress for next year!
I went with Jon and my parents and we took a walk along the old road, looked at the mining homes and sat on the sandy beech. My mother found saskatoon berries on road and she made us stop and pick every last one of them. They are delicious though, and my mother is crazy for picking berries. Afterwards we decided to take a look at the old cemetery from when Silver Islet was a real village, and it was such an interesting place. We ended the day with pie and tea at the general store. The day trip was definitely one of the highlights of my summer.
Now that the weathers getting a bit chillier I'm certain that I'll be a better blogger. And Francine and I are making another little film on sunday that may or may not involve flappers. So yes, have a lovely weekend.