Monday, September 19, 2011

Ulyana Sergeenko

So usually I try not to put too many lookbooks up here just because I don't want them to totally show up the clothes that I wear, but when I saw this debut (can you believe it) line from Ulyana Sergeenko on Jen McCabe' s Honey Kennedy I pretty much died. I've never seen a collection that I loved so entirely and completely! I know I like vintage things a lot more than a lot of people in fashion, but I just think that Sergeenko managed to capture the 40s without being repetitive. She added edge, which I think usually just doesn't work, and made it more beautiful, more current, and just down right amazing. So anyway, I'll stop gawking, and please enjoy the photos unless you've already seen them like 30 times (although I think you could enjoy them again even if you have).

Monday, September 5, 2011


Alright, Francine and I are finally finished making our new short film called "Olive"! And that's right, we actually found a title for it. I think this one was the hardest, and possibly the closest thing to a real video shoot, as we had a location that wasn't my apartment, or outside, and we had over a dozen extras! Yes it's true, Francine's iphone continues to be fastened to her tripod with an elastic band, but we are getting closer to being real professionals. 
 The first outfit I wear is this lovely little dress that I actually won on Here Comes the Sun. It's by a lovely Australian designer called Kings of Carnaby, and I feel so special to have something that's from so far away! I'm also wearing a great coloured pair of tights from joe fresh and my new staple black fall shoe that I ordered from Office Shoes.
I'm not going to include the next outfit because it's nothing that special, but this outfit consists of a sequined blazer that's Francine's and I have no idea where she bought it. The hat is from Holt Renfrew, and the pants, oh the pants were a gift from my mother's friend and they are vintage (1980s for sure) Armani hounds tooth trousers! I actually have the matching blazer too!
This dress is from a vintage shop near my apartment. It's an awful polyester, but I love how it looks. I bought it with a guilty heart, thinking it would never be worn, but here we are. Let that be a lesson to you!
Here we have the classic Caitlin's Club Monaco sweet heart top (I say that because it's my only going out shirt) and Francine's favourite red Club Monaco gloves. The skirt is American Apparel, the shoes are the same as before, and the flower is also Francine's. 

Okay, so before you watch the film I should mention a few things: the song we used is Anala by King Khan & the BBQ Show and we shot it at the Toronto Temperance Society, and I actually was the cleaning lady there this summer, so the movie is very authentic. I hope you enjoy.