Sunday, July 17, 2011

Le Soleil

So here is the second film that Francine and I made this week. We filmed it last monday on the most humid and hot day that Toronto has had yet this summer in my apartment that has no air conditioning! If we didn't put a filter on the shots you would be able to see that I was actually dripping with sweat- I had a very real sweat towel for inbetween shoots. I grew up in Northern Canada (Thunder Bay to be precise) and I just don't think I'll ever get used to the humidity of southern Ontario.
For this film I remembered to take still shots of my outfits, although I have to say it was difficult to switch from "acting" (I know don't really act in these) to posing, so I apologize for the less than perfect facial expressions I am making in them. Anyway, this outfit consists of:
- chambray shorts made by me
- MADRAS for A.P.C. blouse
- London Office oxfords
This outfit is just a dress that I thrifted a few years back. I rarely wear it but I think I will more now that heels are everywhere, some dresses just need heels.
I recently bought this lovely dress at this great store near my house that my friend Allison just discovered. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but inside there's lots of great stuff. I would tell you the designer but it's written in another language, possibly Korean, but I love it. All I can say is if you live in Toronto I would suggest you check the boutique out, it's called Cherrie and the location is here.
I bought this the day after I saw Midnight in Paris because I couldn't resist something that looked so 1920s. It's from one of my favourite Toronto boutiques called Charlie. The designer is Jack which is apparently a line by BB Dakota. Or maybe it's all just BB Dakota, I'm not going to lie I'm a bit confused by that. But either way, it's a beautiful dress and I've surprisingly got a lot of wear out of it even though it's a lacy drop waisted dress. I know that you are never supposed to wear drop waisted dresses unless you're really tall or something, but I love them to death, and I really don't care, I wear them all the time even though they are definitely not flattering.
Lastly, this is my favourite summer dress by Mink Pink that I picked up at Bicyclette a few weeks ago. I went there after work one day just absolutely determined to buy something (I know that's not a healthy state of mind, but you may know the feeling) and I tried on a bunch of stuff but nothing really grabbed me until this girl walked out of the change room wearing this dress. I just thought it was perfect, like Marie Antoinette meets ballerina (two of my favourite things) so I quickly asked the sales lady/owner if she had any more of them and she said that it was the last one, but that I should "wait it out." I then proceded to putter around for 15 minutes while the girl hemmed and hawed over which dress to buy, it was painful. She didn't get it though, so as soon as she went to the till to purchase another dress I went into her change room, picked up the dress, tried on the dress, and bought the dress. It was all very exciting.
Oh and before you watch the film I should perhaps introduce you to Lily, the dog that Francine was babysitting while we shot the film. She mainly followed around Francine the whole time (it was very cute) but she makes the odd cameo. Ok so without further ado, here is the film, I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

I bought this lovely book for my mother on mothers day this year and I just wanted to share with you some of the illustrations. The book is Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam which is a selection of Persian poems translated by Edward Fitzgerald. Omar Khayyam (1048–1131), who was a poet, astronomer, and mathematician, wrote many of the poems in this collection. This particular publication, which is from 1952, is illustrated by Edmund Dulac (1882-1953) but I think the illustrations might be from earlier. I just can't say enough how much I love illustrations from this time period. We're talking about Arthur Rackham, Kay Nielsen, and Walter Crane, all the greats!
Francine and I are also working on our next film, so hopefully that will be ready for next week. I've started introducing myself as a movie maker/actress/costume designer, so hopefully these films become wildly popular. Okay, so even if they don't they still give me an excuse to buy more clothes. The only problem is that it's pretty difficult to come up with six different outfits for them. Luckily I've just been asking all of my friends to donate clothing to the videos fund.
Oh, and since I really like answering all your lovely comments, and I didn't really know how to in a way that you would actually be able to read them I've decided to take a note from Anabela's lovely blog, Fieldguided. Starting now I will answer your comments on the bottom of the following post. 

Okay here goes with the replies: 
Elyse: Thank you so much, I always strive to get that grainy look with everything that I do : )

BaronessVonVintage: I am always happy to show you my favourite spots in Toronto, this one is Riverdale Farm!

Roz: I'm not sure what you'll find when you google Canada Day, it's quite a modest celebration, but that's how we are here.

Bri: Thank you! I'm always happy to look like a doll (or like my doll that I got from my birthday)

Jazzy E: That is very sweet, thank you!

Hila: You are the least ignorant person I know! and I don't really know you ; )

danniekate: Oh thank you, I always think that clothes are nothing without an atmosphere
Hannah: I'm glad that you are more neglectful of your diana than I am, you're making me look good. 

Amy: It's nice to meet you too. Oh dear, I'm glad you like the poses, I definitely have a difficult time with them. I just take so many photos that some of them usually turn out.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Country's Birthday?

 So I have these photos of my birthday from my diana mini that I've wanted to post for awhile, but since I already posted very similar digital photos I wasn't sure how I was going to slip them in. But yesterday was Canada Day so I thought that that might make it more appropriate to show you more pictures from my birthday? I was also too lazy to take any photos on Canada Day, or of anything lately so here's some sort of repeat photos for you.
Jon and I went to the Toronto Island for Canada Day after I got off of work to visit some friends and it was so wonderful. We made a fire, ate tons of food, and twirled around with sparklers (and yes I was the most enthusiastic twirler). Then around 11 we headed back to town to join Francine for a midnight BBQ at her house. But on the ferry ride back there was the sweetest thing, just in front of us a young girl (maybe only about 5 or 6) was wrapping her younger brother and sister in a blanket to protect them from the cool lake breeze. She held them the entire ferry ride back to Toronto! I hope everyone is also having a wonderful weekend!