Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Time

I had the loveliest weekend that started with waking up to the sun shining into my bedroom. Since the weather was so nice Jon and I decided to walk to Madeleines for breakfast where I had a scone and he had a meat pie. Then I went and got an absolutely terrible haircut, but I was determined not to let it ruin my day-- and when the weather is so beautiful it's almost impossible to be discontent. Anyway, my friend Emma came over after to console me and we made lemon poppyseed muffins (of which I plan on posting the recipe for later this week because they were delicious). Afterwards we went for Thai food and I spent the rest of the evening walking around Toronto with Jon. Today it's cloudy and a thunder storm seems to be coming on, making it a perfect day for doing a bit of sewing and reading and just generally staying inside my apartment. Hopefully I'll be able to show off the skirts that I've been making soon. Oh and this is a picture of me as a girl playing in the spring time in Thunder Bay (where I grew up). As you can see my mother let me dress myself and she always provided me with lovely dresses both vintage and hand made to create them.


  1. your mother obviously knew what she was doing :)

  2. the outfits we created as kids were the sounds like you have quite a lovely weekend...minus the haircut fiasco- at least hair grows :) x.x.x
    Casie Jean

  3. Larissa: I know, aren't I cute.

    Hila: Thanks so much, I'll have to tell my mom, she'll be so happy.

    Casie Jean: hair growing back is exactly what stopped me from crying ; ) but I did have to talk myself out of crying. lol.

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