Thursday, February 10, 2011


 I thought it would be appropriate to have my first blog entry in my living room since it's the place that I spend most of my time. My picture wall is probably my greatest accomplishment in my apartment, or at least it's the place I have put the most effort into. The pictures are from all different places, but most of them were gifts. My boyfriend Jon brought me back the large newspaper print when he went to Krakow, and the fashion plate when he was in Key West. There's also a much cherished photograph of my father (that is rather difficult to see) and a tin plate that our friends brought back from Iran. I could go on for ages about where each picture is from and what it means to me, but I'll spare you any further details.

I'm wearing a Dear Creatures dress, a copper coloured velvet vintage hat, AA navy tights, Aldo shoes, and my favourite bird cage necklace from Japonicas

My friend Allison came over for tea and muffins and we played backgammon. Needless to say I won every game and am now quite a wealthy lady. 


  1. Beautiful home. You have great talent of decorating the home. The wall picture greatest achievement in your apartment. It is nice your boy friend has brought these beautiful gifts. I like the concept of decorating home.

  2. Thank you, and yes I have a very nice boyfriend who will go to great lengths to make me smile.

  3. I sooo wanted that dress, but couldn't decide if it would suit me or not. It looks lovely on you!

  4. Oh thanks Emily, I was also a bit apprehensive about this dress on me (especially because it was bought online) but I decided that in the end although it is definitely not the dress that's going to make me look the thinnest, it is so beautiful I wanted it anyway.

  5. Wow, the pictures in this post are simply beautiful. I love your DC dress. I just love that brand and all its romantic clothes. :)