Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nadinoo in the Spring

Well Toronto has had a bit of a snow storm today, and so I fear that spring is still a ways away. I have to admit I'm actually not that disappointed, as the snow seems to have given me a reason not to do anything productive today. I tried to get some errands done, but ended up just going to fabricland to get a pattern and then coming right back home. At the moment I'm drinking this amazing partridgeberry tea from Dark Tickle which is based in Newfoundland and I'm thinking about going to read Anne Bronte's The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, but I may not even do that. 
So for today I'll have to show you something that someone else has done that is inspiring. I've chosen these lovely photographs from Nadinoo's blog. These lovely photographs are of Becky Filip from The Honey Trees taken by her talented brother Simon Filip. I think it's safe to say that Becky's brother enjoys taking photographs of his sister more than my own brother. She looks absolutely stunning in Nadinoo's Pixie's Adventure cape, Pixie's Plume mini, and Fleur's Penna dress. If you enjoyed these photographs as much as I did, there's more photographs and an interview of Becky Filip at Nadinoo. 
This fall in London I was very lucky to intern for Nadinoo, which is headed by the talented Nadia Izruna. It was almost a dream being able to go to London (I am a bit of an Anglomaniac if you haven't noticed) and work for one of the designers that I most admire. I could go on and talk about London for ages, but as even my mother has gotten tired of these stories I'm sure you won't be interested in them either. 

Even though there's nothing I love more than drinking tea in my cozy apartment on a cold winters day, after looking at these photographs I am excited to take long walks on warm spring days and watch the flowers bloom. 


  1. I was not impressed with the snow today! When I woke up I thought oh the weather has been so nice, I think I'll make spring themed cupcakes today.. and then I looked outside.

    What lovely photographs!

  2. Well Miss Kait, you may just have to bake something a little more winter themed, like cinnamon buns : )

    but don't worry, I think it's going to get warm again tomorrow.

  3. I wish I had a lovely brother to take my photos.
    the weather is thoroughly dissapointing and making me in a sulky mood. Despite that I think I'll go shop for spring things today x.x.x
    Casie Jean

  4. Well I hope your new spring things will help change your mood. Spring will come and when it does you will be ready to look amazing.

  5. glad you enjoyed it.

    p.s. your cloths are beautiful ; )

  6. gosh, if these pictures don't symbolise an "english rose", I don't know what does - just gorgeous! Lucky you that you got to intern for Nadinoo. I lived in England for a little while too, and absolutely loved it.

  7. Isn't she!

    and it is nice to visit the motherland ; )

  8. Nadinoo is one of my faves! How lucky you are to have worked with her!

  9. Oh believe me, I know how lucky I was! The whole thing felt like a dream : ) a wonderful dream!

  10. Well I hope your new spring things will help change your mood and bring happiness and peace in life. Spring will come and when it does you will be ready to look excellent.
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