Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Caitlin Après Coco

I know that Coco Avante Chanel is totally old news, but I didn't have a blog when it came out, so your just going to have to suffer through another bloggers comments on the costumes. It is an understatement to say that I loved the clothing in this movie! I don't think that there's an outfit that Audrey Tautou wears that I wouldn't love to own. The greys, creams, blacks, navies, wine coloured lips and velvet bows, I love them all. I don't necessarily love everything Chanel, and I definitely do not love the Chanel suit, or even the quilted Chanel purse, but I do love the probably very historically inaccurate clothing in this movie. So here is my first attempt at re-creating it, and I say first because there will be many more Coco Avante Chanel inspired outfit posts in the future.

Allison and I decided to go to the most French place in Toronto that we could think of to match my outfit, which ended up being Madeleines. Madeleines Cherry Pie and Icecream shop specializes in cherrie pies, but also has many other delicious treats and gorgeous cakes. The shop features marble flours and a pressed tin ceiling, so obviously I love it. I had dark chocolate and a latte, and Allison ate a strawberry macaroon. It was all around a lovely afternoon. 

 I'm wearing an AA shirt (cropped by me), grey pants made by me, a vintage wool jacket, and my best hat, designed by the talented Karyn Gingras and purchased at her shop in Toronto called Lilliput. When I first saw this hat it was love at first site. I talked of nothing else for weeks on end. Finally my mother and my boyfriend both bought me gift certificates for Lilliput so I could buy it. I will have it and love it forever!

The pants I made didn't really work out the way I wanted, and I'll probably end up unstitching the waistband. I bought this top stitching thread for them that I thought would look nifty, but it ended up just looking weird. It's probably for the best because it will give me a chance to lower the raise of the waist. I thought I would never say this, but I think these trousers are too high waisted for me! Isn't the fabric lovely though? it's suiting fabric, and it makes me look like I'm a much better seamstress than I am!

Here's a close-up of my shoes that I bought while I was in London this fall from Russell & Bromley. I also wanted to show off the beautiful marble floors at Madeleines.
And I think that is the last thing I have to say about this outfit! So I will bid you adieu for now.


  1. I think you've perfectly captured Coco Avant Chanel. Also, props to your photographer!

  2. Thanks Larissa. The photographer is Allison, and I also think she does a great job because I am a terrible model. I should post some of my bad facial expressions once just for fun.

  3. Karyn Gingras has great talent. I appreciate her design.Really White t-shirt, Grey pants and vintage wool jacket. I am also going to buying these collection.

  4. ohhh I love the outfit, and the hat!!!!
    That movie is so good, I adored it. How sad was it tho, poor Boy. I actually went and researched all about their relationship after I saw this movie. xo

  5. oh I'm glad you like the outfit. It's the hat that makes everything look so much better though : )

    and I liked this movie so much that my wardrobe is attempt at replicating the movie. haha.

  6. I love Coco before Chanel, and I love your take on the clothing from the film! Your hat is beautiful, and it's so cool that you made those pants...I can't imagine ever making anything so lovely!

  7. Oh thank you, but really, anyone could make the pants, its all in the beautiful grey fabric!

  8. so beautiful! can't wait for the next entry.

  9. Hurrayyy so exciting!!! Your blog is finally up and running...

    Will be keeping my eye out for Caitlin Rose creation :)

    Hugs Nadia x

  10. Hi I'm Pauline.

    I'm a new blogger. I hope you don't mind I found you blog through another blog. I love your style and how the photographer captures you it reminds me of the 1920s era.

    Feel free to follow my blog.