Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Country's Birthday?

 So I have these photos of my birthday from my diana mini that I've wanted to post for awhile, but since I already posted very similar digital photos I wasn't sure how I was going to slip them in. But yesterday was Canada Day so I thought that that might make it more appropriate to show you more pictures from my birthday? I was also too lazy to take any photos on Canada Day, or of anything lately so here's some sort of repeat photos for you.
Jon and I went to the Toronto Island for Canada Day after I got off of work to visit some friends and it was so wonderful. We made a fire, ate tons of food, and twirled around with sparklers (and yes I was the most enthusiastic twirler). Then around 11 we headed back to town to join Francine for a midnight BBQ at her house. But on the ferry ride back there was the sweetest thing, just in front of us a young girl (maybe only about 5 or 6) was wrapping her younger brother and sister in a blanket to protect them from the cool lake breeze. She held them the entire ferry ride back to Toronto! I hope everyone is also having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Beautiful photos, I love the grainy vintage quality to them! xxx

  2. Oh, Happy birthday and belated happy canada day! as usual, I'm curious about the setting you're exploring here! Where is this wall and foliage covered church? WOW!

  3. I'm an extremely enthusiastic sparkler whirler too - sounds like such a lovely Canada day celebration. I'm going to have to google 'Canada Day' now...

  4. Love the second photo of you - you look like a doll. Glad your Canada Day was so festive on the island!

  5. I feel a bit ignorant that I didn't even know about this :) happy birthday to all!

  6. They turned out great. I still need to get some film developed from my Diana camera that I took some time last year!

  7. Yay! A fellow Canadian blogger!
    Nice to meet you.

    Your photos here are stunning. Very lovely colors, and the poses are nice.

    I'll continue to follow!


    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  8. Really Beautiful photos. I am so glad that you share your country's birthday with us.

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