Sunday, June 19, 2011


I just wanted to wish my father, Gary a Happy Father's Day, he is definitely one of the best dressed gentlemen I know. The photo above is of him one day at the beach, and it's taken by Paula Thiessen who has actually taken quite a few good pictures of him. He always taught me to have my own personal style and not to listen to what everyone else said about it! I'm not sure if I'll ever achieve this, but I admire my fathers confidence and his genuine love of clothing (not to mention his thrifting abilities).


  1. Wow, you sure do have a sharp dressed poppa! Happy father's day to him.

  2. Caitlin, it's lovely that you give some credit to your father for his styling. I always thought he should have a newspaper column on thrifting because he never pays more than five bucks for anything.

  3. He really seems like a proper gentleman. I love this photo by the way is full of your fathers personality and vibe! so wonderful! love this kind of photos. x