Monday, June 13, 2011

Birthday Picnic

So on Saturday I celebrated my birthday by having a picnic at Riverdale Farm, which is sort of like a park, but with a little museum and a petting zoo. It is definitely one of my favourite places in Toronto because it always has goats, beautiful flowers, and chickens with hammer-pants. There was supposed to be a thunder storm that day, and even though all signs were pointing to rain, I utterly refused to cancel the picnic. The day started off a little rough because I had to carry so much to the farm, but once we got there it was so magical to see all my friends together in such a special place.
My mother gave me that beautiful Edith Ackley doll made by my very talented friend Claire Louise Milne for my birthday. I first saw her on Claire's blog and I instantly fell in love, she has a dress, an apron, an undershirt, bloomers and a petticoat that are all removable. One day I might try making her something, but I doubt that I have the patience or the skill. All my friends gave me the loveliest gifts. I got sewing supplies, tote bags, beautiful china, scented powder, delicious treats, I totally cleaned house! And Jon bought me tickets to the ballet, which I'm so excited about. I also made that lovely cake from Smitten Kitchen and it was very likely my best cake yet. I had to carry it to the farm in a hat box because I didn't have one of those special containers, but it lasted well.
Oh and the lovely Lini from A Scent of Rosewood gave me a blogger award!! Part of the award is that you have to say 10 things about you, which I thought was appropriate since it is around my birthday (a time of reflection for me). I'm not very good at these but I'm going to give it a try.
1) My favourite colour is undoubtably blue
2) I studied art history in university and love nineteenth and early twentieth century paintings the best
3) I have two brothers, one older, one younger who are both so very different
4) I consider myself a cynical person but my friends all tell me I'm not
5) I play the piano but very poorly, which I am proud of because Elizabeth Bennett also does
6) I don't really like to cook, but I can definitely get behind baking
7) I complain about how much work I always have to do, but if I have free time I always fill it up with more work
8) I grew up in Thunder Bay, a somewhat small town that is very isolated from the rest of the world but often in a good way
9. I have very good friends, some of them very old and some of them very new
10. I am addicted to buying sewing patterns, because they hold so much possibility even though I will never get around to making them all
And now I am to elect three other bloggers that I believe deserve this award. So here goes.
Claire from Needlebook: because her tiny sewing is amazing
Bicyclette: a wonderful new blog and boutique here in Toronto that is doing wonders for my wardrobe
Give me Bows: where cute reigns over all
Oh, so I am wearing a vintage shirt from a lady that sells her clothing at the St. Lawrence Market every Sunday, she was very lovely and I wish I could remember her name. She told me that she bought the shirt in Nice, and it is indeed made in France. My slip/skirt and sweater is thrifted, my tights are from topshop, and I bought these beautiful ballet flats while in New York. The company Pretty Ballerinas is Spanish and has actually used a design of a real ballet slipper from the year 1918! They are made in Spain, and are just so beautifully crafted, I feel like a ballerina in them (which is a huge goal of mine).
Francine and I shot a short film today so there will be some photos of our adventures coming up later. I am very excited. I hope everyone has a lovely week.


  1. awwww very cute and sweet :)

  2. Looks like it was a wonderful day. Happy birthday! Nice to see love for Bicyclette -- I'm going to be sharing some pictures I took there tomorrow, and I'm thrilled with how they turned out!

  3. congrats on your birthday!

    you and your friends looked so good. so unique.

  4. Your blog is so lovely :) And your birthday cake looks incredible, gosh I didn't even get a birthday cake this year! A bit sad.

  5. this is such a cute post - the outfits, the setting, everything! so lovely xx

  6. this looks like such a fun birthday picnis and the cake looks delicious!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  7. What a wonderful idea! It is the perfect place to spend such a special day! Your suitcase is packed with the perfect treats too - especially that cake! Nom nom nom! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!


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  9. I wish you a belated very happy birthday!
    Lini x

  10. I'm famous!!

    Another beautiful post, Caitlin.

  11. it really does look beautiful there! how lovely.

  12. happy birthday to you! you look wonderful, and this looks like my kind of birthday party. It was also lovely to read some facts about you.

  13. I'm so happy that young people have picnics, just like we did growing up. I love that it's not just pre-wrapped take-away from from a fast food restaurant, but a gorgeous cake. You must read the faerie tale about the little girl who carries a talking doll with her. And the doll protects her from the witch Baba Yaga, but she must feed her doll (just like you did on your picnic). It's a Russian folk tale, I think, and it's called Vasilisa the Beautiful. A must read for doll lovers.

  14. Thank you Hila!

    and mom, I'm not sure tons of people are having real deal picnics, it might just be me and a few other people. I did read that it's the cool thing to do in Central Park though. And I will definitely have to read that fairy tale, it sounds amazing.

  15. Happy (belated) birthday lovely, you look adorable in your shift + tights! Thanks for the tag, that's very sweet of you :) xxx

  16. Happy be-lated Birthday !!
    It looks like it was a really lovely day, and I'm so in love with all the dusty pink/red/creams going on!!!!

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  19. this is such a cute post - the outfits, the setting, everything! so lovely xx.

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