Monday, June 20, 2011

Pale Blue Eyes

Alright, so here is the video that Francine and I (well mostly Francine) having been working so hard on! The making of it was really fun, even though it did not go smoothly at all. On the day we went to go shoot I asked Francine how much footage her camera would take and we realized that we didn't have a memory card. Since we were already on the street car we decided to stop at "Mama's and Papa's Electric" (or a shop with a similarly sketchy name) to buy one. The memory card was clearly used, but we bought it anyway because there was no going back at this point. However, about half an hour into filming on the Toronto Island the memory card stopped working. So this entire movie was shot on Francine's I-phone, which was also running really low on batteries. Then when going to edit it some of the effects took us ages to figure out on final cut pro, and Francine may never speak to me again. But I really hope she does because I loved making it and I just love it in general!

In outfit #1 I wear:
- Vintage skirt found at Space, one of my favourite vintage stores in Toronto
- just an old tank top
- Francine's boat hat, I believe it's from H&M
- and another pair of Pretty Ballerinas that you cant really see but they are black, have a small heel, and have a rose on them

In outfit #2 I wear:
- white linen shorts made by me
- Francine's amazing white shirt that actually has rope around the collar that she found at Bicyclette

In outfit #3 I wear:
- navy romper from Anthropologie last year
- thrifted sweater

And finally in outfit #4 I wear:
- thrifted pants
- Francine's hat that she gave to me last year
- and a beautiful vintage jacket that I will definitely be posting about later so you can get a better look at it

Oh and the song we used was picked by Francine and is Pale Blue Eyes by the Velvet Underground.

In other news, I wanted to link you to a great article by Gala Darling on body image and blogging that I found really interesting. I know that I am constantly terrified that someone is going to leave a less than complimentary comment on here, so it was good for me to read it. And I also wanted to say that I saw the new Woody Allen movie last night and it's my favourite movie EVER! So you may want to check that out, I won't spoil it by discussing it any further.


  1. That was really delightful! Congratulations.

  2. So so cute, I love it! you look like a chic 20's lady..

    Hope you ladies do more soon x

  3. It's lovely Caitlin! I adore the 20s feel to it :)

  4. a job well done, indeed! so beautiful!

    i'll have to have you guys do a video for one of my collections someday.


  5. It's really wonderful! I know how much hard work went into making it. :) I love your styling as well. It worked perfectly.

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  8. What a beautiful video! lovely (and impressed with the Iphone quality!) xx

  9. so lovely, well done! and if anyone dares to say anything mean about you, they're gong to have to deal with all your readers ganging up on them :) you're so pretty though, I can't imagine anyone saying something unflattering.

  10. I can't believe that this was shot on an I-phone! I watched it before reading your account of the trials and tribulations of the equipment - so now I'm even more stunned by how great it looks. So atmospheric. Great work Francine. And the outfits you styled for it create the mood so well.

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